Voice-Over Appearances

VO work is often isolated or compartmentalized to interaction with our clients, writers, producers, audio mixers, & fellow cast members.  It is also immediate & there's no guarantee that it will live any longer than the time it takes to create it.  The only guaranteed reward is the joy of doing the work itself.  But when a project finds a loyal audience, it takes on a life of it's own.  Actors get to publicly own our part of the success.  But we share it with the rest of the cast & the creative team.  And we owe the fans.  They invite us into their lives through their connection to the characters we portray.  From the "Big Con" in San Diego, to other fan gatherings everywhere, we have the chance to respond to that connection.  "Yo Cobra" ...& stuff like that!

Live Interaction With Fans

Yeah, along with my best voice-pals, we did it!  And now I'll tell ya all about it!

June 17th, 2016.  I hosted the Meet the Voices Panel at Denver Comic Con, featuring the immense talents of Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Andrea Libman, Matthew Wood, & David Acord.  We engaged in "Voice-Play" together with our friends & fans, performing an original script, "Superheroes In The Green Room", picked on each other, & answered fan queries.  You can enjoy watching it all on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g9XX01gW-M


Comic Con, San Diego

Mark Evanier's voice-over panels have brought together some of the greatest VO performers in the biz (even a VO "Doofus" like me) for mirth-filled adaptations of classic stories, performed live for hundreds of our favorite fans!   And you can find us, in glorious "low-rez" on YouTube.


Animation VO Panel, Part #1


Animation VO Panel, Part #2



National GI Joe Convention 2015

Joe Con 2015 Montage.JPG

Who'd have thought that being an arch villain could be so much fun?  The Joe fans are among the most loyal anywhere.  I was looking for a Cobra t-shirt with no success.  On the second day, one of the vendors brought me a brand new version of the classic shirt.  It was his own!  I'd hang with Joe fans again...anywhere, any day.  Did I say anywhere?  Yeah!


FlagPoints Podcast


Comic Con, Denver

Over 100,000 fans came together in Denver in 2015...around 120,000 in 2016.  We parked.  We followed the throng.  We joined peer panels & held seminars.  We taught & amused the kids & even felt our own childlike wonder at it all.  We signed our work & gave out PR & swag.  We hung-out with fans, other performers, legendary animators,  authors, & creatives.  And to cap off a perfect experience, we even taught fans to create their own character voices in the Pop Culture Classroom.  To be sure, Denver was a creative Rocky Mountain High-point!

Denver Comic Con-Comic 2016.jpg

Pop Culture Classroom, Part #1 


Pop Culture Classroom, Part #2 



Media Classes & Other Appearances

Film School ToonFrmd-Finl.JPG

Announcing: The Class Act Voice-Over Workshop, Spring 2017

Look for the upcoming  dates for our  2017 VO Workshops & Classes!

To register for Brian Cummings' 2017 Class Act Workshop "Spring Thing", The 2017 2-Day Summer Voice-Over Day Camp, or for other inquiries, contact us via the voiceatility.com web site or by email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com