“From humble beginnings in small market radio, during high school in his native South Dakota, Brian Cummings varied career spans decades & includes everything from TV shows like Extra, Most Daring/Most Shocking, Let’s Make A Deal, & more, to promo for 4 major TV networks & numerous feature films, hosting a music & media-star interview series called “Brian’s Songs”, video game hits like the highly anticipated Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice, legendary franchises like Metal Gear Solid-Snake Eater & Metal Gear Solid-Portable Ops, Area 51, Die By The Sword, & Mark of Kri & Rise of the Kasai, plus extensive animation credits including GI Joe, Duck Tales, Berenstain Bears, The California Raisins, Gummi Bears, 2 Stupid Dogs, Beauty & The Beast & FernGully among many others.. Narration credits include books from the “Out Where The West Begins” historical book series to children’s titles by Eric Carle & more. He ‘s taught voice-over for over 35 years, & produced & performed 9 CD’s of original rock/blues with Media Monster.   But the most cathartic moment of his creative life was the chance meeting of animation voice-over legend Daws Butler.  He rightly claims to have been Daw’s 1st student. And that mentorship continues to be  a motivating force in Brian’s continuing career as both performer & teacher.” —Mel Famey

You are a Class Act!  We are a Class Act!  If/When...

People typically succeed more often at what they love doing rather than at what they “have to do”..  The secret of learning any skill is to make the process so enjoyable that you feel compelled to do it.  No compulsion here!  But if you'd enjoy learning how voice-over enthusiasts can be empowered to build their skill-set, take a look.  We built this VO "West Wing" to give you the chance to wander through, creatively, and come back again for another visit...or two.  You can click on any page & browse casually or explore your interests, in-depth.  Above all,  have a good time!  --BCgs.

Announcing: Our Upcoming Workshops & "Class" Notes

Go to the CLASSES page for info about exciting events & VO Workshops.  From past seminars & previous Voice-Over Day Camps, to upcoming  events & future classes, like  our upcoming 2020 2-day VO Day Camp Class Act Workshop; a 2-day, all day intensive...on consecutive Saturdays, (Dates to be announced) at Snazmodyne Studios.

To register, for inquiries, & to find out about our "classy" $50 reservation discount, contact us: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com

"Class Act" Gallery

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The "Class Act" gallery is still in progress...and there's more to come!