You are a Class Act!  We are a Class Act!  If/When...

People typically do what they love doing, before doing what they have to.  The major secret of learning any skill is to make the process so enjoyable that you feel compelled to do it.  No compulsion here!  But if you'd enjoy learning how voice-over enthusiasts can be empowered to build their skill-set, take a look.  We built this VO "West Wing" to give you the chance to wander through, creatively, and come back again for another visit...or two.  You can click on any page & browse casually or explore your interests, in-depth.  Above all,  have a good time!  --BCgs.

Announcing: Our Upcoming Fall Workshop & "Class" Notes

Go to the CLASSES page for info about exciting events & VO Workshops.  From past seminars, like the  2016, 2017, & Spring 2018 Voice-Over Day Camps, to upcoming  events & future classes, like  our 2018 2-day Big Fall Class Act Voice-Over Workshop, a 2-day, all day intensive...on consecutive Saturdays, October 6th & 13th at Snazmodyne Studios, in Castle Rock, CO.

To register, for inquiries, & to find out about our "classy" $50 reservation discount, contact us:

"Class Act" Gallery

2 Stupid Dogs Gallery Build!.JPG

The "Class Act" gallery is still in progress...and there's more to come!