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Our 2019 2-Day Spring Voice-Over Workshop...Dates to reserve your spot will be announced on January 1st!

Check out last falls flyer..

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Past Voice-Over Day Camps-Recapped!

On 2 Saturdays inJuly, 2016 & inn August, 2017, we "voice-camped" on Colorado2-day VO intensives, equivalent to about 4 weeks of an 8-week VO class (refer to "VO Essentials" on the tutorial page of this site).  And, after guesting at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con on The Duck Tales Panel & with fellow VO Pros & fans, we added a Nov 2018 class.  Using VO game-play, we explored tools & techniques to become highly skilled in a competitive market.  We shared our exclusive tutorials & concepts to develop & enhance raw talent into “pro skills” for after the workshop & beyond.  Among our roster, Ashley L., returned again from previous "Class Act Workshops" & booked a vid-game.  Sisters Baylee & Allex H., who alsovoiced with us, are now working in LA.  Tanja G. flew in from Raleigh NC, & is working on her new demo.  Marcus W., Syd M., Rick R., Naiche W., & Tom L., all explored the "wild world" of voice-over.  In 2018, Barry R., Don D., Thomas F., & Melissa W. all created alien dialogue, strong characters, & each upped their game. And Joe E. even drove over 10 hours from Idaho for the 2 week-end workshops & then hit the road with strong concepts, new skills, & a brand new voice-over character/animation demo. And Emily N. now has solid agent representation & booked her 1st pro VO “gig” just after we wrapped the class.  

All have agreed that we’ve had a "fabtastic" time.  And it must be true, evidenced by the fact that I always edit their VO for about 2 weeks after the class.  "Whew!  It can be tiring, but it’s truly awesome!"  --Brian C.

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Dates announced in January for The Spring 2019 Class...go back & look above!

But always...keep checking back for more info anytime, y'all!

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