Yea! We just finished mastering the full “FAN CONS & FLYING FINGERS” CD & posted some early previews & revues. The package turned out to be almost 80 minutes of wild character-driven silliness & rockin’ music…inspired initially by the LA “Stan Lee” Con but also by the fans & great cons everywhere. It will officially be released in 2020 but we’ll bring along some advance copies to the RENO POP CULTURE CON on November 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2019. The Pop Culture Classroom guys are among my favorite fan con friends. They create magical experiences that run the gamut, & appeal to fan-con fans, from hard-core gamers & cos-players to kids & families. I love sharing the joy of the fans & the amazement of the kids & their parents, created by the Fan Con experience. Come on by if you can & share the wonder!

I’ve been fortunate to have a truly varied career in voiceover. In addition to traditional VO commercials & promo announcer work, I’ve interviewed major stars, co-hosted game-shows, worked alongside my own animation heroes in iconic shows, films, & games.

It’s great to sometimes look back to see the magic when everything gets put together. I love seeing what happens when all the magic of a creative team “bakes the cake”. As performers, we are only as good as the sum total of everybody’s contribution to that final project. So, this time, I’ve chosen what could have been nothing more than a simple ad campaign…but what became much more. And I also chose one that was less my chance to show-off & more, an example of what the team created. I truly loved working on these Travelers Insurance campaigns. Visually & in concept, they really hit the mark, even with a relative slacker VO guy (ask my relatives) ...yeah it was moi! Honestly I never met the dog or sang along with Ray LaMontagne…except at home!




THEY were awesome!

Now, after finishing the final mastering of our upcoming 2019 CD release, “Fan Cons & Flying Fingers”, I just sent out a new spot read to my agent! And, as always, I’m struck by the feeling, “This sure beats workin' for a livin'“ ...not the oldie, but the actual gig! Oh Yeah!


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Our 2020 2-Day Voice-Over Day Camp Workshop is coming...Dates to be announced!

Check out a previous flyer..

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Past Voice-Over Day Camps-Recapped!

On 2 consecutive Saturdays in July, we "voice-camped" on our Colorado2-day VO intensives, equivalent to about 4 weeks of an 8-week VO class (refer to "VO Essentials" on the tutorial page of this site).  And, after guesting at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con on The Duck Tales Panel & with fellow VO Pros & fans, we added another class.  Using VO game-play, we explored tools & techniques to become highly skilled in a competitive market.  We shared our exclusive tutorials & concepts to develop & enhance raw talent into “pro skills” for after the workshop & beyond.  Among our roster, Ashley L., returned again from previous "Class Act Workshops" & booked a vid-game.  Sisters Baylee & Allex H., who also voiced with us, are now working in LA.  Tanja G. flew in from Raleigh NC, & has finished her 1st demo.  Marcus W., Syd M., Rick R., Naiche W., & Tom L., all explored the "wild world" of voice-over & Marcus has booked.  In another class roster, Barry R., Don D., Thomas F., & Melissa W. all created alien dialogue, strong characters, & each upped their game. And Joe E. even drove over 10 hours from Idaho for the 2 week-end workshops & then hit the road with strong concepts, new skills, & a brand new voice-over character/animation demo. Emily N. signed with solid agent representation & booked her 1st pro VO “gig” just after we wrapped the class.  

All have pretty much agreed that we’ve had a "fabtastic" time.  And it must be true, evidenced by the fact that I always edit their VO for about 2 weeks after the class.  "Whew!  It can be tiring, but it’s truly awesome!"  --Brian C.

2017 Summer VO Camp, frmd.JPG
Summer Recap Poster.JPG

Dates to be set by the new year for The 2020 2-Day Class …& for more info, go back…listen & look above!

But always...keep checking back for more info anytime, y'all!

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