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The Summer 2016 Voice-Over Day Camp-Recap!

On Saturday July 30th & August 6th, 2016, from 10AM-5PM, we "voice-camped" on a 2-day VO intensive,  equivalent to approximately 4 weeks of an 8-week VO workshop (refer to the "VO Essentials" on the tutorial page of this site).  Using VO game-play concepts, we explored home recording & shared tips & secrets to creating a competitive demo. We found "signature voices".  And we shared exclusive tutorials & ways to enhance the skills after the workshop & beyond.  Among our class roster, Ashley F., returned from the 2015 8-week "Class Act Workshop" & recently booked a vid game job.  Tanja G. flew in from Raleigh NC, & is working on her demo.  Eugene J., MacKenzie B., & sisters Baylee & Allex H. explored the "wild world" of voice-over with us & are now in LA.  And Emily N. booked her 1st Denver pro VO job just after we wrapped.  

Last year, all agreed that we had a "fabtastic" time.  It must have been true, evidenced by the fact that I edited VO for 2 weeks after.  "Whew!  Awesome!"  --Brian C.

In August 2017,  you can join us for our late summer 2-day VO "Day Camp"  Continue to the 2017 VO Summer Day Camp section for all the details.

To inquire about classes, appearances, costs, our "deliverables", locations, etc, contact us via email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com


Announcing: The Summer 2017 Voice-Over Day Camp Workshop!

Are you ready for a Voice-Over Intensive over 2 full days on consecutive Saturdays in August, with a broad overview of essential elements of voice-over.  Join us in Snazmodyne Studios-Castle Rock on day 1 & we'll explore recording your own pro quality audio, developing skills from intuitive auditions to get the job, to working with demanding directors.  You'll even learn to "Talk to the chicken!"  And, most importantly,  we'll help you take your VO skills to new levels...without any danger of sun-burn!  As Woody Allen once quipped, 'I don't tan. I stroke!'"  Amidst the "Voice Play", based on the concept that people succeed at what they enjoy more readily than doing what the endure, we'll show you how to enjoy finding the hidden directions in the script, your signature voice, believability, & give you tools & techniques to propel your progress.  The cost for the 2 full days, including special tutorials & audio hand-outs, is $250 ($50 will hold your place in studio).  Reserved seats are still available for the 2017 Voice-Over Day Camp...on 2 consecutive Saturdays, August 12th & 19th, from 10AM-5PM.  The dates for the fall 2017 8-week class will be announced before Labor Day.  To register for Brian Cummings' 2017 Class Act Workshop "VO Day Camp", The 2017 Class Act Fall 8-week class, or for other inquiries, contact us via the voiceatility.com web site or by email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com

Check back for more info, y'all!

The 2017 Class Act Voice-Over Workshop "Fall Thing" reminder:

Don't forget.  We'll soon be announcing the dates for The Fall 2017 Brian Cummings Class Act VO Workshop, featuring weekly sessions covering VO performance techniques & skills you need  to build your career toward real goals.   The dates are still to be finalized, based on an upcoming project in LA.  Look here for our final dates to be published before the end of summer. --Brian C.


Yet another reminder...Oh yeah!  To register or for inquiries, contact us via email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com