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Summer Voice-Over Day Camps-Recapped!

On Saturday July 30th & August 6th, 2016, from 10AM-5PM & on August 12th & 19th, 2017, we "voice-camped" on our 2-day VO intensives,  equivalent to approximately 4 weeks of an 8-week VO workshop (refer to the "VO Essentials" on the tutorial page of this site).  Using VO game-play concepts, we explored the tools & techniques to become competitive in a highly skilled market.  And we shared exclusive tutorials & ways to develop & enhance pro skills after the workshop & beyond.  Among our class roster, Ashley F., returned again from our previous "Class Act Workshops" & recently booked a solid vid game job.  Sisters Baylee & Allex H., who joined us in 2016, are now working in LA.  Tanja G. flew in from Raleigh NC, & is currently working on her demo.  Marcus W., Syd M., Rick R., Naiche W., & Tom L., all explored the "wild world" of voice-over.  And Emily N. now has agent representation & booked her 1st Denver pro VO job just after we wrapped last year.  

All have agreed that we had a "fabtastic" time.  It must be true, evidenced by the fact that I've edited VO for about 2 weeks after each class.  "Whew!  It was tiring but awesome!"  --Brian C.

And now,  just back from appearing at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con on The Duck Tales Panel & with fellow VO Pros & fans, I'm inviting you you join us for our final 2017 All-Day one day BC Class Act Workshop "Thanks-for-Voicing" class...on November 11th.  You can gift yourself with either a comprehensive & enlightening foray into the art of using the human voice and/or fine-tuning of your VO skills, before the new year.  Email me at the address below for more details about our fall 2017 "Class" curriculum and ask about the $51 "Thanks" discount.

Remember, to inquire about classes, appearances, costs, our "deliverables", locations, etc, contact us via email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com

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The Fall 2017 Class Act VO" Thanks-for-Voicing" Workshop!

Are you ready for our final Voice-Over Intensive for just one special Saturday in November with a broad but focussed overview & ample helpings of the essential elements of VO?  Join us in Snazmodyne Studios & we'll explore recording pro quality audio & developing your audition skills, to working with demanding directors & your winning final read.  You'll enhance your believability as you learn to "Talk to the chicken!"   But, most importantly,  we'll help you develop & hone your varied VO skills to reach new levels of performance (and without any danger of frost-bite)!  "Voice Play" is based on the concept that people succeed by doing what they love (what's fun) more readily than enduring what they don't (work).  We'll show you how to enjoy finding hidden directions in the script, & how to define & refine your "signature voice".   These are powerful tools & techniques to propel your progress.  And we can help you to effectively use them.  The cost for this intensive VO experience, including special tutorials & audio hand-outs, is normally $150 a day (but reduced for fall 2017 by our $51 "thanks" discount to just $99).  A $25 deposit will hold your place in the studio/class.  Reserved seats for November 11th are now available.  Remember the date for our fall final 2017all-day Class Act VO Workshop is November 11th.  Come join your VO peers for an eye (& ear) opening experience!  To register your spot or for other inquiries, contact us via the voiceatility.com web site or by email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com

Check back for more info anytime, y'all!

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The Fall 2017 Class Act VO" Thanks-for-Voicing" Workshop reminder:

Don't forget the date for The Fall 2017 Brian Cummings Class Act VO "Thanks-For-Voicing" Workshop!  You can gift yourself & your aspirations on Saturday, November 11th with our final all-day intensive  VO session covering performance techniques & skills that can help you reach your ultimate career goals.   We're discounting the one day seminar price by $51 to just $99 for the full class, including special tutorials & audio.  A $25 deposit holds your reserved seat in Snazmodyne Studios.  So remember the date...November 11th.  Stan Lee's LA Comic Con & the amazing 30th anniversary Duck Tales panel is now history for me.  Now it's time to create yours!  I'm looking forward to working out with you & with "class"!

--Brian C.


2018 VO CLASS Pre-Poster, below:

(We'll Announce Final Dates Of Our 1st Sessions By January, 2018.)



Yet another reminder...Oh yeah!  To register or for any other inquiries, contact us via email: voiceatilityguy@gmail.com