Where you record is just as important as how you record.  There you can learn from the pros.  Visit a state-of-the art studio or look on-line before you create a space of your own.  Audio isolation & padded or soft surfaces to minimize ambient noise & echo are important for both your auditions & the final recording.  It's just as imperative  that the room promotes creativity.  Whether you prefer "zany ala Cummings" style or structured clean design, the right choice for your personality will make you competitive, comfortable & inspired.


Snazmodyne Studios Slide Show

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Talking Tech

Once upon a VO session, the work was always done in state-of-the art pro studios.  And in many markets it still is.  But increasingly, auditions & even final sessions are done at home, using a variety of affordable & sometimes semi-pro equipment.  The old "weakest link" scenario definitely applies here.  Sorry Link!  So how do you create a perfect environment to record quality sound without echo and/or background noise?   Do you understand recording concepts like audio sampling rates?  Can you send audio to agents & clients in formats they require, like Aiff, WAV,  or mp3?  What type & brand of microphone best suits your voice?  Which pro-quality recording apps can you afford?  Where can you find usable technical info to become proficient enough to succeed?  Check out your options on line.  Search for experts, check out audio web sites, join VO chat rooms, & ask relevant pros.  Many of us have been there, & we can help!